At the end of February 2023, a customer from the UK ordered from us a wood shredder with an output of 500-600 kg per hour, together with accessories (screens and blades). Because this British customer is rather strict, there are many questions about the wood crusher that he needs to know. List as below.

Questions about the wood shredder for clarification for the UK client

Because this customer said “I do want to buy the machine just need to ensure I specify what I need”, he wanted to be clear about the wood shredder. After knowing the below, the UK client put the order for the wood shredder machine quickly.

Wood shredder
wood shredder

1. How many kg of sawdust is expected before a blade change is necessary?

Our SL-500 machine can produce sawdust of 500-600kg/h.

2. How long does the blade last? Also, what is the cost of replacement blades?


The blade can be used for 1-2 months(let the machine work for 8 hours a day and the blade will last 1-2 months) and is made of 65 # manganese steel, sharper and more resistant. And one set blade price of model 500 is 90USD. One set includes 4 pcs.

3. Who is the manufacturer of the engine?

The engine manufacturer is the Chinese famous brand Changchai brand, don’t worry.

4. Size of the sawdust is still 1-2um with the larger unit?

Just change the screen.

5. 1) You mention just changing the screen, does the wood shredder come with different screens? The size I need is 1-5mm sawdust mostly.
2) Also the HP you sent of 32 HP (23 KW) power engine and the website says for SL-500 power is 18.5 kW. So which one is correct?
3) The quote is seen as delivery to Oklahoma City. Does the machine need to be delivered?


1) Screens 15usd one set, one machine is with one set 5mm, Suggest you buy one extra set 3mm.
2) The website 18.5kw is electricity,32hp is diesel engine.
3) We can send the machine to the Oklahoma port, then you find a local shipping company to pick up the machine.

6. Please also confirm the address of where the unit will be delivered in Oklahoma. Will an operator manual come with the wood shredder machine?

Yes. We have. After finishing the payment, we will give you an operation manual of the machine. Let me update the proforma invoice now.

Machine list purchased for the UK

Wood crusher
Wood crusher
Model: SL-500
Capacity:500-600kg per hour
Feeding inlet size:180*160mm
Include wheels
Screen size: 5mm
1 set
One set blade includes 4 pcs1 set
Screen size: 3mm1 pc