The wood flaking machine for sale from Shuliy machinery has stable performance, unique design, and excellent quality. That’s why our machines are unique in the world of the wood industry. In May of this year, we exported our vertical wood debarker machine to America.

Basic information for our American customer

Our American customer has more than 10 years of experience in the wood industry. And he has his own local wood growing area with a large number of trees. And, at this time, he hopes he can get further development in the field of the wood industry.

Why did the American customer buy this wood flaking machine?

From his basic information, we can understand that he has a large number of wood resources. He wants to make his wood more valuable by further processing. Through our website, he learned that our wood debarking machine can debark the trees efficiently and quickly, and the debarking effect is very good.

So he contacted us. After understanding his needs, our sales manager sent him information about the machine, such as machine configuration, machine pictures, working videos, barking effect pictures, etc.

After the American customer learned this, he was very curious about its working condition. Thus, our sales manager sent him not only the video but also the peeling blades of the machine. The American customer got answers one by one, and finally, he decided to buy the wood flaking machine right away.

How to ship safely during sea transportation?

Wood flaking machine ready to pack
wood flaking machine ready to pack

As you can see from the pictures above, the wood flaking machine is completely enclosed in a wooden box with a stand before shipping. In this way, the machine is protected from moisture during the delivery. And because of the support, even if the machine encounters some bumps on the way, the machine can be guaranteed not to be damaged.