Shuliy wood pallet making machine uses waste wood, wood chips, wood shavings, bamboo, etc. to produce practical wood pallets. It has strong applications in the wood industry. In June 2022, we exported the industrial wood pallet machine and other related machines to Mexico.

Basic information about our Mexican customer

This man has his own company, a strong group of companies. He wanted a wood pallet machine to process the scrap and produce pallets for his own use.

Wood pallet making machine
wood pallet making machine

Details of the wood pallet making machine ordered by the Mexican customer

Both parties were contacted via WhatsApp. The professional sales manager knew through the conversation that the Mexican customer was strong. In addition, he needed a highly automated machine or production line.

Knowing the above information, our sales manager recommended to him the machine configuration composed of a pallet line. This automatic pallet production line includes the mixer, compressed wood pallet machine, mould, and electric oil furnace.


Through learning and communication, the Mexican customer decided to buy these machines and placed the order.

Wood machines parameters purchased by the customer

MixerPower: 7.5kW
Dimension: 1350*1000*1400mm
Function: mix sawdust with glue
1 set
Wood pallet making machineModel: SL-800
Power: 7.5kw
Pressure: 800tons
Capacity: 8 pcs per time
Dimension: 2.3*1.5*3.5m
Weight: 11 tons
Final pallet size: 120*100cm
Function: produce pallet
1 set
MouldSize: 60*80cm1 pc
Electric oil furnace Model: SL-60
Power: 60kW
Dimension: 2.1*0.65*1.45m
Function: provide heating for wood pallet machine
1 set