Our Shuliy Machinery‘s industrial hammer mill produces fine-finished products with semi-finished raw materials, such as charcoal blocks, straw, etc., so it is commonly used in charcoal production lines. Because the raw material is semi-finished, the wood is usually processed using the drum wood chipper or wood shredder machine. It is because of this feature that our customer from Indonesia asked us to buy this hammer mill machine.

Why did the customer want to buy this industrial hammer mill?

This customer is actually a middleman, looking for machines from local people who need various machines in their area. The end customer is a charcoal producer with a compressed briquettes production line. Therefore, he needed a hammer mill for charcoal grinding. Therefore, this customer from Indonesia started looking for this kind of product.

Industrial hammer mill manufacturer
industrial hammer mill manufacturer

Reasons for choosing this hammer mill

Once the Indonesian customer approached us, our sales manager gave a detailed description of the vertical hammer crusher. Summarize two points of interest to the customer during this communication.

Internal screens
  1. The screens used in this industrial hammer mill can be matched to the customer’s requirements. The coarseness of the ground material is perfectly suited to the customer’s needs.
  2. The machine is also available in various models. If the end customer needs a machine with a higher capacity, we can also accommodate that.

Also, our company is an industry and trade company with price advantages, and the Indonesian customer was very satisfied.

Vertical industrial hammer mill
vertical industrial hammer mill

What are the parameters of the industrial hammer mill?

Fan / /7.5kW7.5kW11kW22kW
Dust remover5pcs5pcs5pcs5pcs14pcs14pcs
Cyclone diameter1m1m1m1m1m1m

From the above table, you can know that the machine capacity ranges from 0.6t/h to 5t/h. When you’re interested in this machine, hurry to come and contact us. After telling your requirements about the machine capacity, material fineness, machine configuration, etc., our sales manager will offer the most suitable solution to facilitate your business.