This large wood shredder is mainly used for the crushing of various waste materials such as construction waste and other large materials. It has the characteristics of irregularity of finished products and large output. The electric wood shredder is very popular in the environmental protection industry, furniture recycling industry, industrial product recycling, and other industries. In July this year, one such customer bought a waste wood shredder.

Why buy a woods shredder?

Our customer from Bangladesh is engaged in the industrial product recycling industry, such as construction waste recycling. He has his own processing plant, in fact, he already has a similar machine, but now he wants to replace it with a new one and expand his business.

Loaded waste wood shredder ready to deliver
loaded waste wood shredder ready to deliver

The process of communication with the Bangladeshi customer

During the initial contact process, the Bangladeshi customer was very clear about what kind of waste wood shredder he wanted. Our sales manager introduced to him the machine capacity, the machine structure, and the materials that can be recycled. When he didn’t understand something, the Bangladeshi customer would also ask questions until the problem was solved. All in all, both sides are very active in promoting this project. Therefore, it took only half a month from the beginning of the inquiry to the completion of the order.

Reasons for fast order completion

  1. Timely response. In fact, when communicating with the Bangladeshi customer about the waste wood shredder, the message was not exactly in each other’s working time because of the time difference. But both parties adhered to the win-win spirit, no matter when and where, the first time they saw the message would reply.
  2. Effective answers. Because when communicating about the machine details, the questions were very professional. And the sales manager from Shuliy machinery has very solid professional knowledge. When asking professional questions, the answer is very concise, to make the customer simple and clear.