Our log debarker can help you with the pre-processing of the wood for your subsequent processing. And our sales managers can recommend the right wood peeling machine for the size of the customer’s wood. As each model is suitable for different wood diameters, and our sales staff will provide you with professional advice.

What did this Turkish customer buy a log debarker for?

This Turkish customer bought it for his own use. Because he has his own wood factory, he is going to start a wood pellet plant. The wood pellet machine has been bought from another company and is now looking for a debarking machine to process the wood and get the bark clean. Below is a picture of the customer’s wood, which is straight.

Straight wood
straight wood – this customer’s materials

What are the points that this customer cares about during the order process?

  1. This customer has never imported a machine before.

Our staff needs to explain the import and export process to him step by step to help him get familiar with it.

2. The customer was not sure which model of the machine he needed.

After understanding the import/export process, this customer asked Linda, our salesperson, for all the machine models and prices. After Linda asked him about the size of his wood, she recommended the most suitable model for him.

Log debarker
log debarker

3. Security when paying the wood log debarker.

In order to be able to pay more safely and securely, the customer indicated that he needed to go to the bank to get a card, and therefore the payment was delayed.

Parameters of the final purchase made by this Turkish customer

Log debarker machine
Wood log peeling machine
Model: SL-250
Motor: 7.5 kw+2.2 kw
Suitable wood diameter: 5-25 cm
Package size: 2250*1220*1600 mm
Package Weight: 1400 kg
Voltage: 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase
1 set
One set of blade include 4 pcs blades2 sets