Shuliy tree debarker meets a wide range of customer needs with its efficient, accurate and reliable debarking capabilities. And the wood debarking machine also brings innovation and convenience to the wood processing industry.

Tree debarker
tree debarker

Whether you’re a wood processor or a woodworker, our wood peeler provides you with efficient debarking solutions to help you take your work to the next level.

Efficient debarking technology of tree debarker

Our wood peelers have attracted a lot of attention for their superior peeling technology. The first thing customers care about is the efficiency of the machine, which is able to strip the outer layers of the wood quickly and efficiently, saving time and labour.

Shuliy tree debarker for sale
shuliy tree debarker for sale

Its high-speed peeling mechanism ensures that the wood can be perfectly peeled in a short time without the need for multiple treatments, which improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

Wood log quality

Shuliy tree debarker provides high-quality wood with precise operation and tool design to ensure that the wood is not damaged during the peeling process. Its advanced debarking mechanism allows for fine control of the debarking depth, ensuring no damage to the wood’s structure, thus providing strong, superior quality raw material.

Adaptable to a wide range of wood

Wood debarking
wood debarking

The wood peeling machine has excellent adaptability and is capable of handling many different types of wood, be it softwood, hardwood or logs. This versatility makes it ideal for a variety of wood processing scenarios, from forestry to furniture manufacturing, and can easily handle different types of wood.

Reducing waste

Wood debarking should not only be efficient, but also reduce waste. Our tree debarker minimizes waste of peeled wood, saving customers money. Its precise debarking process ensures that the outer layer of each piece of wood is utilized to its fullest potential, reducing waste and increasing the sustainability of the resource.

Labour saving

The level of automation of the machine is also highly appreciated by customers as it significantly reduces manual labour requirements and increases efficiency. The automated control system of Shuliy’s wood debarking machine makes it easy to operate and does not require significant human intervention, thus reducing labour costs and easing the workload of the operator.

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