Our wood peeling machine is specially designed for removing tree barks of various wood, and logs. In Shuliy machinery, there are two types of the wood debarker machine: vertical wood flaking machine and horizontal wood debarker machine. In September 2022, we exported the vertical wood log debarker to Bulgaria.

Details of the wood peeling machine ordered by the Bulgaria customer

How to get in contact?

This customer wanted one wood peeling machine for his acacia wood. So, he started to search for the relevant machines on the Internet. After seeing our machine, he thought it was perfect and contacted us via WhatsApp.

Discussion details of the wood debarking machine

Electric motor wood debarker
electric motor wood debarker

Through the conversation to know the basic needs of the customer, our sales manager Beco recommended him two models of our company’s peeling machine. And she also sent the relevant machine information.

After reading these, the Bulgarian customer clearly preferred the vertical wood peeling machine. So Beco introduced in detail the machine, which could handle wood with a diameter of 5-25 cm and was very practical.

Finally, the Bulgarian customer had a confirmation of the voltage and then placed the order.

Package & delivery of the wood peeling machine

Wood peeling machine

After the order has been placed, the machine needs to be packed in a wooden box before shipping, this is to prevent any damage to the machine in transit. The machine is then shipped by sea to its destination.

Wood debarker machine parameters for the Bulgaria customer

Wood log debarker machineModel: SL-250
Power: 7.5kw+2.2kw
Voltage: 380v,50hz,3phase
Suitable wood diameter: 5-25 cm
Dimension: 2250*1250*1700 mm
Weight: 1.6 ton
1 set

Testing video of Shuliy wood peeling machine for the Bulgaria customer