In late March 2023, our company, Shuliy Machinery, had the pleasure of supplying a customer from Jamaica with a large 1500 wood shaving maker in diesel style for building nests for his horses and chickens.

The customer had already made in-depth research on our company’s wood shavings machine when he contacted us at the beginning and was very satisfied with our shaving machine.

During the communication process, in order to better let our client understand our wood shaving mill, we also sent him information such as the machine delivery pictures of other customers, so that this customer can buy our wood shaving maker with more confidence.

After many communications and negotiations, our manager and the customer finally reached an agreement and decided to provide him with a shaving machine that best suits his needs.

Reference to the wood shaving maker parameters for the client from Jamaica

Sl-1500 wood shaving machine pi
SL-1500 wood shaving machine PI

It is clear from the above invoice that this customer purchased a diesel-driven 1500 wood shaving machine.

Moreover, there is a special customs clearance agent who can help this customer to deliver directly to Kingson port in Jamaica.