This year, a customer from Australia bought the diesel engine-driven wood shaving machine from Shuliy machinery. There are various types of wood shaving machines available, for producing quality wood shavings. Also, this machine is preferred by the breeding farmers, such as breeding horses, ducks, chickens, rabbits, etc. Of course, the wood shavings are also used for fragile goods during their delivery, in order to prevent damage to them.

Order details of the wood shaving machine bought by the Australian customer

Actually, this customer from Australia firstly was attracted by our website banner. He liked and felt comfortable, and then clicked on our google website. Through the product catalog, he saw the wood shaving machine at the first glance. After going through the article, he thought he needed one for his duck farms. So, he contacted me via the contact method on the website.

After contacting each other, our sales manager recommended a suitable shavings machine to him. Besides, the sales manager sent relevant information about the machine. The customer from Australia considered the wood shaving machine very proper for him. Eventually, he placed the order and required to send the wood shaving machine to Australia. . We had enjoyable cooperation.

Why chose the diesel engine unit for the wood shaving machine?

Australia is a developed country with a very good infrastructure of all kinds, and so is the source supply system. Therefore, it is common thing in Australia to use a wood shaving machine with a diesel engine model.

Also, using the diesel engine can solve the problems of the situation of electricity shortage(sometimes).

This diesel engine unit can support sufficient power to make the machine work.

Technical parameter of the best wood shaving machine

ModelCapacityInput sizePower

From the above table, you can know we have many models of the wood shaver machine. If you are interested in this kind of machine, you can tell us your requirements, machine capacity, wood size, for which animals, etc. Our sales manager is able to provide the best solutions to satisfy you.