Good news! A customer from Mauritius has once again purchased a Shuliy model-1200 wood shaving machine for sale. This Mauritian customer had previously purchased a wood chipper machine from Shuliy us for chipping various pieces of wood and felt that the results were very good and trusted the quality of our machines, so he contacted us when he needed to buy the wood shavings machine again.

Why did this Mauritian customer want to buy a wood shaving machine again?

This Mauritian customer had a large number of wood segments to process, which was previously handled and processed into wood chips. Now that he saw that the shavings could be used for animal bedding, he thought it was time to expand his business. Thus, he asked to buy a wood shaving machine for shavings production and then sell them commercially.

How does the wood shaving machine for sale work? – Points of interest for our Mauritian customer

Our Shuliy wood shaving machines work mainly on the basis of the internal structure of the blades. When working, it is the blades that shave the wood. The thickness of the shavings can be adjusted by adjusting the tilt of the blades. The shavings that come out are not only of uniform thickness but also of good quality.

Large log shaving machine
large log shaving machine

After understanding and having seen a working video of the machine, this Mauritian customer is very satisfied with our wood shaving machine for sale.

Parameter reference for SL-1200 wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machine
Wood shaving machine for sale
Model: SL-1200
Horsepower: 80HP
Capacity: 1500-2000 kg per hour
Without wheel
Dimension: 2.2*1.3*1.2m
Weight: 1.9 tons

Note on wood shaving machine for sale matters:

  1. The model of this machine is 1200, which is driven by a diesel engine without wheels.
  2. The guarantee period for this machine is 12 months.
  3. The agreed payment terms for this machine are 100% T/T.
  4. The delivery time to the port for this machine is 5-7 days.