Animal breeders know that wood shavings can make beds for animals, so the wood shavings machine has emerged to meet the needs of major animal breeders. The wood shavings machine for sale from Shuliy Machinery is a special machine for the production of various shavings. Within a reasonable range of shavings thickness, we can help you achieve it! If you are interested in this, please contact us!

Functions of the wood shavings machine

Wood shavings machine
wood shavings machine
  • Production of high-quality shavings. Based on the name of the machine, it is clear that this machine is dedicated to the production of shavings of various thicknesses and a major function is the production of shavings.
  • Save manpower and material resources. Before the arrival of this mechanized production machine, shavings is produced manually, very labor-intensive and time-consuming, and the thickness of the shavings is not well controlled, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. The wood shavings machine can quickly and efficiently produce uniform-thickness shavings.
  • A good helper for the livestock and poultry breeding industry. Because the shavings produced can provide good growth for livestock and poultry farming such as cattle, pigs, and ducks, which is very beneficial.

What wood is suitable for shavings?

In fact, this wood chipper can chip all types of trees, such as hardwood, softwood, segments, lumber, timbers, logs, branches, plate edges, etc. Different diameters of the raw materials can also be produced into even shavings used for various animal bedding.

Applications of shavings for animal bedding

Wood shavings for animal bedding
wood shavings for animal bedding

The shavings produced by the shuliy wood shavings machine can be used for various animals, such as cattle, horses, mice, chickens, pigs ducks, birds, rabbits, pigeons, etc. If you are involved in this business, welcome to get in touch with us for more details!