Good news to Shuliy! One customer from South Africa bought one commercial wood shaving machine with a capacity of 600-1000kg/h and 2 sets of blades.

Background of this client from South Africa

This South African customer, a business owner specializing in wood processing, was faced with the need to process large volumes of logs. In order to increase productivity and reduce labor costs, he decided to purchase a high-quality wood shavings machine to quickly convert logs into shavings.

Why choose Shuliy commercial wood shaving machine for South Africa?

Shuliy wood shavings machine has a fast shaving capacity and stable performance, which can greatly improve production efficiency, and reduce labor costs. Also, the quality of the shavings produced is highly recognized by the customer.

It was its stable operation and high-quality shavings output that led this South African customer to successfully purchase a high-efficiency shavings machine that has brought great convenience and benefits to his wood processing business.

Reference to the machine list for South Africa

Wood shaving machine pi
wood shaving machine PI