The wood shaving mill is specifically for producing high-quality wood shavings for animal bedding, with features of adjustable shavings thickness, various machine models, and wide applications. And at the beginning of this year, one customer from UAE ordered one set of wood shavings machine from SHULIY.

What did the customer buy this wood shaving mill for?

This UAE customer bought the wood shaving machine for making wood shavings for the purpose of netting for his horse.

The shavings produced by the wood shaving machine can be used not only for horses but also for cows, chickens, hamsters, etc. The great function of this machine is to produce wood shavings for animal bedding.

The points of the wood shaving mill machine that this customer cares about

During the communication with the UAE client, he raised some points that he cared about, our sales manager Linda explained in detail and took examples. Some are summarized below:

1. I don’t want the blades, the blade in the machine is a little wider. Can I change it?

Our machines are designed and continuously updated by our engineers. Therefore, the internal structure of the machine is also improved according to the needs of our machine itself and our customers. Therefore, the blade of the machine is also carefully designed to make it as it is now.
Most customers grind their own blades. Or we have a small knife sharpener that can be added for you if you need it. This width does not affect the working of the machine. Generally, customers only need to sharpen the blade if need.

2. I find another supplier in China, the same machine but at a cheaper price, could you give a discount?

Our wood shaving mill machine has the best price with good quality. Also, we can provide you with very good after-sales service. Some machines have a lower price but poor quality.
I show you the video about our machine processing in the factory, you can check the difference.

3. Will the blade wear?

It is normal for the blade to wear out after the machine has been used for a period of time. And we have a warranty period of 12 months.

4. Do you have any successful cases about the wood shaving mill for sale? Please show me.

This is feedback from our Botswana customer. This customer also plans to use the machine to make wood shaving for his horse.

Wood shaving machine parameter for the UAE client

Wood shaving machineModel: SL-600
Power: 15kw
Capacity: 300-500kg per hour
Machine size: 1500*1000*900mm
Feeding inlet size: 200*180mm
Blade: 4pcs
Voltage: 380V,50 HZ, 3 phase
1 set

Notes: Payment terms: 50% as a deposit, and the balance 50% is paid before delivery.

Warranty period: 12 months.

The wood shavings’ thickness can be changed by adjusting the tilt of the blade.