Congralutions to Shuliy! In May, we received an inquiry from a customer from Indonesia who needed a waste wood crusher machine for processing sawdust as mushroom ingredients.

What are the customer’s needs and expectations?

This Indonesian customer, the owner of a mushroom farm, wanted to be able to convert sawdust from wood into raw material for mushroom growth. He contacted us seeking an efficient wood crusher to meet his production needs.

Our sales manager Beco had a detailed conversation with the customer to understand his requirements and budget. Based on his needs, we recommended a wood crushing machine model that was suitable for processing sawdust and obtaining the desired granularity.

Reference the waste wood crusher machine PI for Indonesia

Waste wood crusher machine pi
waste wood crusher machine PI

Notes to SL-500 wood crusher:

  1. Warranty: 1 year.
  2. Payment terms: 100% T/T.
  3. The machine is equipped with wheels and a frame.
  4. The machine comes with a screen, requiring 1-3mm discharge; a screen with 3mm or 1mm.
  5. Additional one set of blades, hammer blades, and screens (required discharge size 1-3mm).
  6. Test machine before shipment.