In May 2023, a client from the Czech ordered one small wood crusher machine(SL-420, capacity: 300kg/h) for his wood business. His business is mainly cutting wood for making roof structures. This wood crushing machine provided him with an efficient solution.

Why choose this small crusher machine for the Czech?

In his business, cutting wood is an essential step. And the advent of the Shuliy wood crusher has provided a more efficient and convenient solution to this process. He realizes that using a wood shredder saves time and labor costs, resulting in increased productivity.

What will the results be after using the wood shredder?

After this customer confirmed his order, we proceeded with the manufacturing of the small wood crusher machine. And after production was completed, we also conducted a test run to show this Czech customer that our wood shredder, with its high speed and precise cutting capabilities. This small wood crusher machine can provide a reliable raw material for the production of his roof structure.

Machine list for Czech

Wood crusher machine pi
wood crusher machine PI

Order requirements for the SL-420 wood crusher machine:

  1. An additional 3mm screen & an additional set of blades;
  2. Machine voltage: 400V, 50Hz, 3-phase power.