This wood debarker machine can peel logs from 60-700mm in diameter and is very powerful. This wood log debarking machine has a double shaft and is very efficient. In August this year, a customer from Indonesia bought one set of this log debarking machine from us.

The detailed process of the wood debarker machine purchased by the Indonesian customer

This Indonesian customer runs a timber mill and wanted to skin various shapes of wood, so searched the internet for a wood peeler machine. After seeing our machines, he was very interested and therefore sent us an inquiry for a wood peeling machine.

Wood debarker machine
wood debarker machine

Our sales manager Beco contacted him immediately after receiving his inquiry. She found out that the customer wanted to bark different shapes of trees and wanted a suitable machine. This is why Beco recommended this horizontal wood barking machine to him. In addition to sending the relevant machine parameters and photos, she also sent a video of the machine in action, a video of its stability, etc. The customer was very satisfied after watching it.

Later, the Indonesian customer wanted to know whether the machine was customized, Beco explained that the machine could be customized according to the customer’s needs. After understanding these, the customer placed the order and paid for the wood debarker machine. And the length of the machine was therefore customized to the length of the customer’s tree.

Wood debarker machine parameters ordered by the Indonesia customer

Wood log debarker machineModel: SL-12
Power: 11kw*4
Suitable log length: 500-5500mm
Suitable log diameter: 60-700mm
Size: 11.5*2.5*1.9m(customized)
Capacity: 15-20t/h
1 set