Shuliy log debarking machine is mainly to peel freshly felled softwood and some broadleaf wood, suitable for paper mills, wood chip factories, pulp mills, log yards, etc.

Log debarking machine
log debarking machine

Forestry harvesting has always existed in the world, and a large number of wood peeling machines are needed in the market. As a producer and supplier of peeling machines, based on our export experience, I feel that I should express some opinions.

Strengths of Shuliy wood log debarking machine

  • A good wood log peeler machine should adopt an open hopper and four-sided cutting tool, which can ensure the assembly line operation of feeding at one end and discharging at the other end, improving efficiency.
  • The hydraulic pressure controls the pressure adjustment of the cutter. And the step-less speed change is applied to the feeding mechanism, which has a good peeling effect on various tree species.
  • The peeling clarity is high, and the damage to the wood should be small. Only when these are achieved is a good wood peeling machine.
Structure details of roller debarker
structure details of roller debarker

Shuliy Wood Machinery – the reliable and experienced wood log debarker manufacturer

Super quality log debarking machine

The wood peeler from Shuliy Machinery can effectively solve the problems:

most debarking machines are not peeling very clean;

cannot automatically retract the knife;

the knife retraction control circuit is broken.

The wood peeling machine produced by Shuliy Machinery Factory is of high quality among similar products.

More than 20-year history

This manufacturer is a long-established company with a history of more than 20 years, specializing in the production of wood treatment machinery. During these 20 years, Shuliy Machinery has been constantly innovating and upgrading its products to create durable and high-quality products for customers.

Shuliy professional team
Shuliy professional team

Great after-sales service

Shuliy Machinery Factory provides users with free installation and commissioning manuals and instructional videos. This is able to provide a good guarantee for the technology is not very mature enterprises, to provide users with the most reliable service.