Wood peeler

SL-320 wood peeler shipped to Ukraine

Shuliy wood peeler has great functions to peel various wood, such as acacia wood, sycamore wood, etc. The wood debarker machine has good performance with a high peeling rate and....

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Wood peeling machine

Vertical wood peeling machine sold to Bulgaria

Our wood peeling machine is specially designed for removing tree barks of various wood, and logs. In Shuliy machinery, there are two types of the wood debarker machine: vertical wood....

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Commercial sawdust block making machine

Sawdust block machine delivered to Ecuador

Shuliy sawdust block machine is a special machine for making wood blocks for commercial use. In addition, it is also a wood recycling machine, using wood waste as raw material,....

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Wood pallet making machine

Wood pallet making machine sold to Mexico

Shuliy wood pallet making machine uses waste wood, wood chips, wood shavings, bamboo, etc. to produce practical wood pallets. It has strong applications in the wood industry. In June 2022,....

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Shuliy electric bandsaw mill manufacturer

Electric bandsaw mill for sale to Papua New Guinea

The bandsaw mill machine is to produce high-quality wood boards. The saw mill from Shuliy machinery has the great characteristics of high efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long service life. Thus, it's....

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Industrial hammer mill manufacturer

Export of the industrial hammer mill to Indonesia

Our Shuliy Machinery's industrial hammer mill produces fine-finished products with semi-finished raw materials, such as charcoal blocks, straw, etc., so it is commonly used in charcoal production lines. Because the....

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Wood pallet shredder for sale

Large waste wood shredder transported to Bangladesh

This large wood shredder is mainly used for the crushing of various waste materials such as construction waste and other large materials. It has the characteristics of irregularity of finished....

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Wood flaking machine to america

Quality wood flaking machine delivered to America

The wood flaking machine for sale from Shuliy machinery has stable performance, unique design, and excellent quality. That's why our machines are unique in the world of the wood industry.....

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Wood crusher machine in stock

The Malaysia customer bought the wood crusher machine

Shuliy machinery has the outstanding wood crusher machine for sale. When you enter our web page about the wood log sawdust making machine, you can find various shapes of the....

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Automatic saw mill machine to mocorro

Automatic saw mill machine exported to Morocco

The wood saw mill machine functions to saw the wood into the quality and exquisite wood board, for furniture uses, sale, and other usages. In the world, there are almost....

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